After qualifying as a Sports Therapist, my passion to help people and get better results lead to continually furthering my education. Training in Clinical Soft Tissue Therapy at the renowned Raworth International College of Sports Therapies, The London School of Sports Massage and the Jing Institute. Prior to Bodywork I managed various Health Clubs.

Now a NeuroKinetic Therapy Master, having been a Teaching Assistant at the London School of Osteopathy with founder David Weinstock. NKT has enabled me to help many people, which would have been impossible to do otherwise. NKT, along with AiM, was dramatically featured in BBC1s Doctor In The House.

Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist - which is based on the principles of Manipulative Osteopathy and Structural Integration. These incredible techniques are combined with NKT. Most of my clients would normally see an Osteopath. 

Anatomy in Motion Practitioner - completing all 3 levels of training in Dublin.

Cranial & Structural Balancing - uses energetic structural assessments with manual corrections. This can be very powerful. I use this to assess and treat myself.

Currently studying Functional Neurology.

On a personal note, I have been a triathlete and duathlete for over 30 years, achieving wins, course records and numerous podium places. I still compete occasionally for fun.