Improve your Resilience, Function, Sporting Performance, Breathing and Wellbeing.

As used by Team Sky


The body has two priorities for survival. To breathe and to move. It finds way’s to meet these priorities by by “cheating” and compensating in order to do this. However, these strategies can result in measurable reductions in range of movement, flexibility, strength and muscular endurance.

This leaves our bodies less resilient with an increased likelihood of pain & dysfunction, effecting the way we move and behave. These compensation strategies can fatigue, resulting in a gradual decline in function and performance, leading to a viscious cycle of pain, poor movement, increased risk of injury and reduced wellbeing.

The result is at best a loss of energy, at worst - constant chronic pain, reduced function and injury.

It’s almost inevitable now - for everyone. But it’s equally simple to reverse and restore function.

The Be Activated system starts by assessing what your body is doing now, via manual muscle tests and flexibility, so that changes can be clearly measured.

Then we Activate the body to breathe correctly.

Once this First Priority is met effectively, we run through the bodies muscle sequencing patterns, testing and activating, so that muscles and structures can return to their correct patterns, doing their OWN job, not cheating or compensating to help others.

Then the body and nervous system can integrate and allow you to move and function optimally and efficiently.

A stress-free body can go back to working at full capacity and with full energy.

This doesn’t mean you will suddenly become indestructible. Chronic muscle patterns do need reminding.

The Activation techniques are simple to teach clients, so that they are empowered to change their compensation patterns. Offering unique, powerful tools to control your own health, performance and wellbeing.

Changes can be profound, physically and emotionally.

Highly, highly recommended!

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