Symptoms in BOTH hands, knees or hips?

If you have BILATERAL symptoms in your wrists, hips or knees, we immediately suspect a spine-related underlying issue. 

Bilateral Knee Symptoms.jpg

Think of that which attaches to your spine as your Core, rather than just your abdomen/TVA etc. That would include Position Sense muscles, which are richly innervated and highly proprioceptive (kind of need those to be firing optimally if you want a pain free life) 

If you have areas of compromised function & reduced neural connectivity (for whatever reason, but affecting global movement and segmental spinal stability) the brain tends to compress joints, tightens ligaments and fascia to help stabilise and protect compromised areas. A bit like battening down the hatches when important lines of defence or function are compromised. 

Sadly the medical profession continues to fixate on where your symptoms are, not the underlying cause. So many clients have had unsuccessful and often times totally unnecessary surgery! 

Surgery related scars can then add significantly to your problems - causing receptor confusion - with the brain receiving and acting on faulty information.

Or you could invest in your long term wellbeing and get neurologically, structurally and functionally assessed by a passionate, highly qualified bodyworker.