The Jaw Can Have A Global Impact Throughout The Body

Jaw ligaments, joints, fascia or muscles often affect other areas, including the breathing systems & diaphragms (including the pelvic floor) core (the jaw is a part of the Intrinsic Core) back, hip, neck, shoulder, knees, ankles and movement.

It’s also highly Limbically or Emotionally charged and can be driven by previous traumas & emotional associations, cranial sutures or physiological factors.

A Jaw related pattern may be a reactive Coping Strategy to Keep You Safe, so before treating or releasing anything (thus overriding the Strategy) it’s absolutely vital to make sure that it’s actually Safe and Appropriate to do so.

At best a new Coping Mechanism will have to be put in place, at worst, the Sh1t could hit the fan!

It’s imperative to Keep Clients Safe, assess what's actually Driving The Pattern and to Treat Appropriately.

Jaw Muscles FB.png