Workplace Wellbeing is a necessity, not a luxury…

Stressful jobs, long working hours and sitting in front of the computer all day can seriously affect your health, wellbeing and productivity. So why not experience an amazing, rejuvenating massage at work.

It’s affordable, time efficient and highly cost effective, benefiting both employee and their staff. Oh, and it feels great!

I visit your place of work, so you don’t have to worry about travelling to an appointment, finding and paying for parking then dashing back to work more stressed than you started.

It's a great way for staff to relax, de-stress and re-energise without having to leave the office.

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Each Chair Massage for the back, neck, shoulders and arms typically lasts 15 minutes, so it's easy to fit into a break.

Staff remain fully clothed whilst seated in the comfortable Oakworks massage chair or desktop unit.

The best massage techniques from around the world are combined to reduce stress, ease back & neck tension, calm your nervous system and elevating immune system function. Finished with invigorating strokes so that you return to work de-stressed and ready for action.

Use the Contact page if you would like further details or would just like to get started and feel great during your working day.



Incorporating Chair Massage into your employee wellness programme demonstrates your commitment to your employees and shows that you value your staff. It’s a very cost effective way to manage workplace stress, can help to improve the productivity, sales, efficiency and boost moral of your workforce and help to reduce absenteeism. Staff return to work relaxed, refreshed and re-energised. It’s also an excellent recruitment strategy benefit.



Chair Massage is also a great service to offer at corporate events, conferences and exhibitions. Raise the profile of your stand, draw crowds and increase footfall.


1. Some awesome Companies who really value their greatest asset pay for a Half Day (3.5hrs) or Full Day block of Chair Massage (6 hrs)

2. Employers can subsidise the cost by booking a Half or Full Day, with staff subsequently paying the company a reduced fee for their massage. It’s a big fat 2-way benefit.

3. Staff of local, smaller companies can pay for their own massage. We use a Square Card Reader to process card payments before each massage. Minimum numbers are required to make this viable.