Massage like you have never experienced.....Your body deserves it

* please note, if you are considering massage to address pain & restrictions, booking in for Clinical Assessment & Treatment is likely to give longer lasting results *

Deep Tissue isn't a firm Swedish massage...The therapist uses forearms, guided elbows, soft fists and reinforced hands to sink deeper into tense muscles. The work is slower so that fatigued, knotted muscles soften to let you in, rather than contract protectively. Correct body mechanics are vital as the well trained practitioner leans in or pulls back rather than just pushing harder. 

Hot stones are very effective when integrated into deeper work, helping to relax tight muscles, release restricted fascia and increase nutrient flow so that tense, over worked muscles soften like warm plasticine, making deeper work more comfortable and effective.



If you are looking for more than a perfunctory skin polish, you are in the right place.

Client feedback after receiving Synergy style deep tissue massage can be found on the Testimonials page.