Massage like you have never experienced...

* Synergy Massage appointments will be available again from June 2018 *


** if you are considering massage to address longer term pain, niggles & restrictions, you may be better served with Synergy Clinical Assessments & Treatment. **


Deep Tissue isn't a firm Swedish massage!  Neither should it be borderline agony!

These are classic signs of poor training and a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of massage...

Expect the real deal and a more considered approach at Synergy Bodyworks.

The therapist uses forearms, guided elbows, soft fists and reinforced hands to sink deeper into tense muscles. Rocking techniques are included to prompt the nervous system to relax. The work is slower so that fatigued, knotted muscles soften to let you in, rather than contract protectively. Correct body mechanics are vital as the practitioner leans in or pulls back rather than just pushing harder.

If you are looking for more than a perfunctory skin polish or have been palmed off with "firm Swedish".... you are in the right place.


"I've massages all over the world (t's a hobby of mine) and that is the best massage I have ever had"    Philip Waters, Chichester. Director 

"That's probably the best massage I have ever had"   Catherine Stannard, Waterlooville.  

"I've had massages before but that was fabulous."    Linda Male, Selsey

"That was amazing"   Jessica Simms

"You have a good touch"  Chris Lane

"You are very good!"   Nick Worthington, Director