Appointments are payable in advance. CONTACT ME for appointment availability and the Acuity online scheduling system link.

SEE TERMS & CANCELATION POLICY BELOW before booking your appointment.

If you have private healthcare insurance with you may be entitled to subsequent fee reimbursement. I am an Approved Health Care Provider with Cigna.



Deep Tissue Massage (45 mins) - £65

Sports Massage (30/45 mins) - £45/£65

PLEASE NOTE: Synergy | Bodyworks Massage appointments are a unique, awesome massage but do not include Clinical Assessments to treat ongoing issues.

CONTACT ME to schedule your Massage appointment.




If you have been suffering with pain, tightness or restrictions for years and spent more money on various therapies than you’d prefer to admit, NKT is definitely worth considering. Most of the Testimonials invested in a series of NKT appointments. Helping yourself after visits is a pre-requisite to making progress.

CONTACT ME for Master NKT fees & current appointment availability.



Cutting edge help is available if you suffer with involuntary urinary leakage, Dyspareunia (painful intercourse), low libido or excessive night time micturition (having to pee more than once during the night) or pelvic floor related “tight” hips. Details can be found here.

Assessments and Treatments are non invasive.

If you have a C Section scar, Episiotomy tearing, have used an IUD, had a Laparoscopy, have Pelvic or hip tattoos and suffer with any of the above symptoms, I would highly recommend getting assessed.

* Please Contact Me if you have any questions and to receive your 10 page History & Symptoms questionnaire and to check current availability.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - 2 Appointment Pack

CONTACT ME for fees, availability & to book your appointments.



CONTACT ME for Muscle Activation Therapy fees & availability.



CONTACT ME for Myoskeletal Bodywork fees & availability.



Appointments, Treatment Packages & Services are non refundable and non transferrable.

Cancellations, for whatever reason, are not refunded or transferred to an alternative date. You would need to be re-purchase and reschedule.

If you are ill, please let the Therapist know as soon as possible. Please be considerate and don't risk passing it on to me, subsequent patients and potentially their family and work colleagues. Bodywork is hands on…

Packages are valid for the specified time from date of purchase.

Thanks in advance for your respect for my health, time & energy :-)