Uniquely, we take the time to determine WHY your Fascia may be tight and directionally restricted, assessing it on a neurologic level before making precise, targeted corrections (releases AND fascial stimulations) rather just releasing stuff because it’s tight and stuck.

Hint, it’s like that for a strategic reason, it kind of makes sense to determine why…

With a large box of up to date Osteopathic tools at our disposal, what sets us apart is we combine these with cutting edge Neurologic & Structural assessments so that any releases are much more targeted, precise and related to an underlying cause. Otherwise results are unlikely to last. Sound familiar?

Myoskeletal Osteopathic Bodywork is based on the principles of Osteopathy and Structural Integration. We work with muscles, ligaments, joints and the fascial system using mobilisations, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, targeted fascial release, neuromuscular re-education and clinical massage to positively affect the musculoskeletal & nervous systems together to restore balance, improve function and reduce pain.

If you have private healthcare insurance with www.cigna.co.uk you may be entitled to subsequent fee reimbursement as I am an Approved Health Care Provider with Cigna.

Below: Fibula Head Release to address problems in the Deep Longitudinal Subsystem - which often contributes to SIJ and Lower Back Pain. This would only be released or mobilised after Neurological assessments have deemed it safe and prudent to do so, whilst an additional part of the bodies compensation strategy is also addressed to restore functional balance, so that results last.