After attending the first European NeuroKinetic Therapy Seminar in 2012 (which therapists travelled from all over the world to attend) Synergy | Bodyworks progressed to become the first UK Practitioner from the original group to Certify at Masters Level.

NKT has enabled me to help many clients with “unsolvable” problems.

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality which enables the practitioner to uncover the underlying cause of many common painful conditions.

It’s also a powerful tool to help athletes or those participating in sports & physical activities to potentially improve performance, address existing niggles, enhance recovery or reduce the risk of sustaining an injury.

Many of the Testimonials invested in the unique Synergy | Premium service. Contact me for pricing & availability.

NKT was developed in 1985 and has gained increasing exposure around the world ever since. It dramatically featured on BBC1s Doctor In The House program in 2015, helping Ray, who had suffered for over 25 years with shoulder and back pain. He had been taking a powerful concoction of pain killers in an attempt to manage his symptoms as all of the numerous therapies he had tried over the years had been unsuccessful. Within 4 weeks of NKT and AiM interventions, he was completely pain free.

Most pain & dysfunction is caused by neurologic imbalances originating in the brain, whereby some muscles are over-stimulated and others are under-stimulated. These faulty recruitment patterns often stem from previous injuries, physical trauma, scars and surgeries, over-use, under-use, repetitive stress and poor posture.

These faulty habits, become deeply ingrained in the brain’s software - the Motor Control Centre in the Cerebellum, which governs muscle movement and stability. NKT assessments can pinpoint and unravel these patterns and correct them at it’s source in the brain.


This allows for faster, longer lasting results than many other techniques which just focus on the physical “hardware”. NKT can achieve results for conditions that haven’t responded to other approaches

Shown below - assessing forward gait function. A common compensation pattern enabling you to perform this everyday movement is compression of the hip. Your tight, restricted hip or “bursitis” could be caused by an inability to efficiently use your hip flexors. Over time this compression can lead to joint wear and tear and the need for hip replacement surgery (usually costing around £10,000 per hip…)

NKT - Forward Gait..jpg
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a unique, effective approach to pain and dsyfunction.

  • Uses functional muscle testing to locate the source of the problem.

  • Achieves faster, longer lasting results.

  • Resolves issues you thought you’d have to live with.

  • Eliminates dysfunction stemming from old injuries, scars or trauma.

  • Rapidly improves muscle function.

  • Increases range of motion, energy, strength and stamina throughout the body.

  • Enhances athletic performance.

  • Work is done with your clothes on.

  • Is paired with patient corrective exercise for rehab and continued improvements.

Shown below - assessing the Sternocleidomastoid - a muscle frequently involved with headaches, migraines, vertigo, balance issues, neck restrictions and tinnitus . Rather than just treating it in isolation, we work out WHY it's dysfunctional and correct both parts of the problem, so that results are more likely to last.