As seen on BBC1's Doctor in the House

NKT & AiM resolved 25 years of Back & Shoulder pain


I am a NeuroKinetic Therapy Master - Attending the very first course held in Europe in 2012. NKT has enabled me to help many people, including those with long term "unsolvable" problems.

NeuroKinetic Therapy® is a sophisticated cutting edge assessment and treatment modality. It enables the practitioner to figure out precisely why certain muscles, fascia and ligaments are weak or strong (neurologically inhibited or facilitated) imbalanced and part of a compensation pattern causing pain, restriction and postural changes. Then gives you homework to correct things so that your pain reduces, movement & posture improves and results last.

If you have a tight or painful back, neck, shoulder or hip, most approaches will just treat the symptoms. Usually the symptomatic area is where your problem ended up not where it started. In the same way that a crack in the wall is likely to be caused by a structural issue elsewhere - filling in the crack obviously won't fix things long term.

NKT combined with AiM featured in BBC1s Doctor In The House, treating body builder Ray, who had relied on strong pain killers for over 25 years to manage his back and shoulder pain. Within 4 weeks of AiM and NKT interventions he was completely pain free!

The cardinal sin in Bodywork is to release muscles, fascia or jammed joints just because they are short, tight or compressed, without assessing WHY. They are this way for a reason, usually as a compensatory or reactive strategy. Just releasing stuff is unlikely to last unless you correctly assess and address the underlying cause.

Testing the Sternocleidomastoid - a muscle frequently involved with headaches, migraines, vertigo, balance issues, neck restrictions and tinnitus . Rather than just treating it in isolation, we work out WHY it's dysfunctional and correct BOTH parts of the problem, so that results last.