** massage appointments will be available again from May 2018 **

(if you are considering massage to address ongoing pain, niggles & restrictions, Clinical Assessment & Treatment would be my recommended option)

Massage like you have never experienced...

Olympians, World Triathlon Champions and first timers have experienced massage Synergy style.  We are registered with the British Athletes Commission, providing services to UK Sport funded athletes who have competed at International level.

Little known, highly effective and researched Russian techniques are usually integrated into your Sports Massage appointment.

You don't have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage. If you go to the gym, have a physically demanding job, enjoy exercise classes, race triathlons for fun or workout with a personal trainer, your body will thank you for some much need maintenance. It's also perfect if you are looking for something beyond Swedish massage.

Event work has included the Windsor Triathlon, London Marathon, Human Race triathlons at Dorney Lake, Worthing Triathlon and Cowdray Diva 100 ladies sportive.

Used regularly, sports massage is an invaluable tool, helping to spot potential problems before you are even aware of a niggle. Good therapists have a finely honed "listening touch".  

Sports massage is great for enhancing recovery, nipping potential injuries in the bud and can be combined with clinical assessments & corrective techniques (appointments available separately) to address longer term issues.