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Many of the Testimonials invested in the unique Synergy | Premium Service, their lives changed when all other approaches hadn’t offered a solution or lasting results.

Premium is a 3 session Treatment Package which includes additional support after clinic, explanations and information to help you make the best progress.

If you would like the best chance of a positive outcome it's definitely worth considering. Most clients are long term sufferers who are fed up with paying for results that don’t last and want to improve their quality of life. Whilst not cheap, they offer excellent value, are designed to help clients get the best initial results in a few visits, cost a fraction compared to having surgery and don’t come with the functional and neurologic side affects that scars and hardware can cause throughout the body.

Synergy | Premium Treatment Package Includes:

  • A series of 3 appointments. Each lasting 80 to 90 minutes.

  • Post visit Email Contact, Support, Guidance and Advice (lasts up to one week after your last visit)

  • More detailed explanations during sessions. Results are usually better when clients understand the factors in their history and daily lives which can impact their symptoms.

  • The therapist dissects your 10 page Symptoms & History Questionnaire. Information from your past is HUGELY IMPORTANT as it helps to uncover the potential source of your symptoms. This will depend on you recalling previous traumas, accidents, incidents, surgeries and scars, even if they don’t seem important or relevant.

  • An assessment and treatment strategy is drawn up before each visit.

  • Illustrated reports are written to help you understand the assessment findings and gives you a clearer understanding of the factors affecting your symptoms.

  • Additional information may also be forwarded for your benefit, including lifestyle, exercise and nutritional interventions (many foods can create an inflammatory response, potentially aggravating your symptoms) Why add to your problems by doing things or following advice that, at best, may make progress much harder.