Many of the Testimonials invested in the unique Synergy | Bodyworks Premium Service, their lives changed when all other approaches hadn’t offered a solution or lasting results.

If you would like the best chance of a positive outcome it's worth worth considering Synergy | Premium. Whilst not cheap, they offer excellent value, are designed to help clients get the best results within a 2 to 4 visit time frame, cost a fraction compared to having surgery and don’t come with the functional and neurologic side affects that scars and hardware can cause throughout the body.

A Synergy | Bodyworks Premium Treatment Package Includes:

  • 4 appointments. Each lasting 80 to 90 minutes, PLUS post visit email contact, reports, support & further advice.

  • Sessions may include Masters NKT, AiM, Mysoskeletal Osteopathic Bodywork ans structural assessments.

  • The therapist spends time before your visit going trough your 8 page Symptoms & History Questionnaire. This is HUGELY IMPORTANT as it helps to uncover the potential source of your symptoms. This will depend on you recalling previous traumas, accidents, incidents, surgeries and scars, even if they don’t seem important or relevant to you. 

  • Subsequent questions may be asked before your First Visit to clarify information from your history.

  • A Pre appointment session plan is drawn up

  • Time may also be spent on additional research.

  • Detailed but understandable explanations are given during appointments.

  • The option of Pelvic Floor related assessments, which forms part of the Intrinsic Core Subsystem.

  • Illustrated written reports after each visit, giving you a better understanding of the assessment  findings and explaining the underlying cause of your symptoms

  • Email contact, support, guidance and advice outside of your appointments (lasts up to one week after your last visit)

  • The option to Skype or FaceTime to check your correctives or answer questions live. 

  • Additional information may be forwarded for your benefit.

  • Home self-care correctives videos are usually recorded during each appointment, for you to view and follow in your own time. 

  • A Package Code and link to schedule is included in your Confirmation. Apply this to book your sessions.

  • This level of service takes up a significant amount of the therapists time (beyond appointments) so does cost significantly more than the Standard Appointments option.