"Thank you so much for that Garry. That one session really helped" - Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (low libido & painful intercourse)                                                                                                  A local Therapist. Assessed using NKT protocols.

"After a few horse-riding falls and then quite a bad one which involved me doing a rodeo-rider impression I was left with a debilitating limp and very bad pain in my hip and pelvis and life had come to a standstill as I was unable to walk the dogs, let alone get on a horse. After having been to see every physio, chiropractor and osteopath in the area who all advised me that my condition was incurable without hip-surgery,  I found Garry who as fate would have it was just down the road!  I am pleased to say that with Garry's outstanding knowledge, dedication and passion for his work I am now pain free, riding my horse again and walking without a limp and have even taken up Mountain-Biking. This man works miracles and I cannot recommend him highly enough!"                                                                                                                    Annabel, Midhurst

"I just wanted to ring and say thank you so much, I know we still have a way to go but you have made a huge difference to my back already. Have been doing the SIJ exercises and it's helping no end, so thank you very much. I feel better already so I'm very excited and just wanted to thank you"                                                                                                                                 Anna Lewis, Haslemere. Yoga Teacher. Over 10 years of  Sacroiliac Joint pain resolved.

"Hi Garry, Thanks so much for yesterday.  I've woken up this morning with my back definitely feeling a lot less tight and painful - it's usually the first thing I'm aware of as I get out of bed and that wasn't the case this morning - yay!"                                                                                 Laura Danilewicz, Netherlands. 30 years of back pain.

"Hi Garry, The recent work we did is continuing to work well, the coccyx ligament work has definitely helped my jaw/head/low back and I think knee."                                             Petersfield Pilates Teacher

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for epic sessions. My shoulder feels brilliant. You are a fabulous practitioner and Simon (Dr In The House) can't speak highly enough of you."            Nat Nicholson - NKT Practitioner

"Movement in neck and thoracic are hugely improved, its awesome! I'm so impressed, you are a Genius!"                                                                                                                              Feedback from a client's Personal Trainer (Sandbanks, Doset) 25 years of neck and shoulder pain and restriction - caused by a small Tattoo and Scar.

"Your knowledge and talent is awesome and I doubt there is anyone who can get close to taking your place."                                                                                                                                 Tom Haxworth, Graffham (Director)

"Thank you Garry, I had a solid nights sleep last night, the first in a long time and woke feeling strangely grounded. I have more movement and less pain/discomfort in my neck and shoulder than I have had for a very long time. The shoulder and particularly my neck feel considerably different/better today. All very positive. See you next week."                                                   Cheryl Newton, Sandbanks. 25 years of neck & shoulder pain and restriction.

"My back has settled down a lot since I've seen you. Nearly fully back to normal. Thank you for all your help."                                                                                                                        Hannah Griffiths, Olympic Weightlifter

"Garry has been treating my frozen shoulder with deep tissue massage combined with hot stones. He is highly skilled and has achieved outstanding results both in terms of increased mobility and reduced pain, even within one session. He is meticulous in his assessment, explains things thoroughly and provides a realistic aftercare regime. I highly recommend him!"       Susan Ryland, Hindhead. 

"Garry, massive improvement and still improving.  No time to elaborate, but doing exercises and have regained good mobility and much improved grip.  Will be in touch next week to arrange re-visit.  Many, many thanks"                                                                                       Tom Haxworth, Graffham (chronic tennis elbow)

"I must say that it did feel as if it was beginning to significantly improve so I was beginning to think about becoming a believer."                                                                                             Chris Lane - initially skeptical ex boss with a shoulder problem

"I just wanted to let you know how much better my back/shoulder pain has been since my appointment with you. I am very grateful."                                                                                 Roz Walker, Haslemere. Orthodontist 

"Garry managed to fit me in at short notice, even as a new client and was so thorough and professional and above all sorted out the problem in a couple of sessions, so would highly recommend his services."                                                                                                            Kate Bromet, Fernhurst. Multiple problems assessed and corrected.

"I have had back pain on and off for over 20 years and have sought help from many different specialists. None have impressed me more with their knowledge of the muscles and tendons of the body and how they work than Garry. His treatments have really helped me to make substantial reductions in the level of pain. He has also advised me on muscle stretching and strengthening exercises to maintain a pain free life."                                                                Mike Bracey, Nyewood. Retired systems engineer

"Garry is a thoughtful and careful practitioner who takes the time to treat the cause of a particular problem rather than taking things at face value and simply treating the symptoms. He has a conscientious approach and follows up treatment with the recommendation of appropriate exercises/stretching."                                                                                        Amanda Faucherand.

I have to say things are really settling down well. I was sore on Sunday and still stiff in shoulder yesterday but as today has gone on I seem to be improving further still. I'm looking forward to seeing what the results are once you've had another chance to work on my shoulder properly.Thanks.                                                                                                                        Doug Wright, Stedham. Multiple problems, including Sciatica and Shoulder pain & restriction, assessed and corrected.

"I was first referred to Garry by my personal trainer for an assessment of a chronic hip injury resulting from many years of running. The injury was causing discomfort and stiffness down my leg and in my lower back. restricting movement and my ability to train. Garry was very thorough in his assessment and his explanation of personalised treatment required was very clear. He has extensive knowledge and a professional manner in the execution of his work. I appreciated his enthusiasm and desire to go "the extra mile" and his explanation and demonstration of exercises to limit further injury. I am delighted to be back to normal training." Elizabeth Jones, Haslemere. 

  "I have to say that I now realise that my shoulder has been quite painful - and to not have that pain is AMAZING. Thank you!!!"                                                                                                   Julia Haxworth, Graffham

"I have had massages all over the world [it's a hobby of mine] and that is the best massage I have ever had"                                                                                                                           Philip Waters, Chichester. Director. 

"That's probably the best massage I have ever had"                                                         Catherine Stannard, Waterlooville. Nurse

"I've had massages before but that was fabulous."                                                                  Linda Male ,Selsey

"That was amazing"                                                                                                                  Jessica Simms

"You are very good!"                                                                                                                    Nick Worthington. Director