Many clients have been suffering with long term issues that haven’t really responded to years of therapies or surgery.

Our approach is different…

We dig much deeper into your unique history, searching for the underlying causal factors. Be they Structural, Physiological or driven by the Limbic System, rather than just focussing on the obvious symptoms like everyone else. These are often where your problems ended up, not where they started. Just focussing on and treating symptoms often means results don’t last if they are not actually the main driver. Things can also shift or get worse if you try to override a coping strategy without consideration as to WHY you have actually ended up where you are. That’ll be in your history…

If you are unsure how the Synergy | Bodyworks approach can help, why not book an Initial Consultation so that you can actually experience it for yourself and learn more about it. We discuss your Symptoms & History pus demonstrate some assessments which clarify how our approach is different and may be able to help.

You really don't have much to lose and potentially a better quality of life to gain.

Various assessments and modalities are used to suit the needs of each person. We don’t print off a one size fits all physio rehab card! Or release anything without knowing if it’s SAFE & APPROPRIATE to do so, WHAT compensation pattern or coping strategy it may be a part of and WHY.

These are the obvious questions which sadly very few practitioners are trained to assess, let alone ask in the first place.

This is precisely what makes Synergy | Bodyworks different and often times enables us to help folk to help themselves.

You can read a few of the many Testimonials

You can read more about my clinical training & background here. If other approaches and/or surgery hasn’t really helped as much as you’d like, I’d love to help.

If you have been in pain for more than 3-6 months, isn't it time you found out why?


Give the body what it needs and it will respond immediately.


If you have pain, tightness, restricted movement, neuralgia, headaches, balance, gait or pelvic floor issues but haven’t found lasting results elsewhere and would like to make positive changes, get started now by booking your Initial Consultation or purchase a Clinical Treatment Pack. Click the button…

If you would like to experience the unique Synergy Deep | Tissue or Sports Massage, you can book your appointment here:

Contact Me if your company would like to benefit from Synergy | Chair Massage in the Workplace as part of their Employee Wellness Program.

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If you are an athlete looking to make progress with stubborn injuries, improve performance & enhance resilience, contact me so that we can get started.

I am passionate about helping people experience lasting relief, improved movement and function, enabling them to lead a normal, fulfilling life and to enjoy the activities they love.



More than 50% of ladies suffer with involuntary urinary leakage. Over 90% of my female clients mention various Pelvic Floor related symptoms on their intake form, not realising that cutting edge help is available.

Further details can be found here



Some of the many success stories can be found on the Testimonials page.

“Incurable" Hip Pain & Restriction:

"After a few horse-riding falls and then quite a bad one which involved me doing a rodeo-rider impression I was left with a debilitating limp and very bad pain in my hip and pelvis and life had come to a standstill as I was unable to walk the dogs, let alone get on a horse. After having been to see every physio, chiropractor and osteopath in the area who all advised me that my condition was incurable without hip-surgery,  I found Garry, who as fate would have it was just down the road!  I am pleased to say that with Garry's outstanding knowledge, dedication and passion for his work I am now pain free, riding my horse again and walking without a limp and have even taken up Mountain-Biking. This man works miracles and I cannot recommend him highly enough!"  Annabelle, Midhurst. Had seen multiple Physios, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Sports Therapists: Hip pain & restriction.

30 Years of Lower Back Pain:

"Hi Garry, Thanks so much for yesterday. I've woken up this morning with my back definitely feeling a lot less tight and painful - it's usually the first thing I'm aware of as I get out of bed and that wasn't the case this morning - yay!" Laura Danilewicz, Netherlands. Laura flew in from the Netherlands for several appointments.

Painful Intercourse and Low Libido:

"Thank you so much Garry. That one session really helped" Local Massage Therapist with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Assessed using non invasive NKT protocols.

20 years of Lower Back Pain, debilitating Spasms, Bulging Discs and Scoliotic Spinal Curvature:                                              

“I went to Garry after a couple of years of increasingly debilitating upper and lower back pain. I’d seen a chiropractor and been through a year of treatment with the NHS, only to be told that I’d have to live with my pain and get used to using pain killers as part of my daily life. I felt it hard to accept both of these things. After several sessions with Garry over the course of a few months, I am able to enjoy activities that I previously found hard. I don’t take pain killers and am now in a far better place with my day to day abilities. Things are a lot better than they ever were.” Emma Legrys, Bordon. Chiropractic treatment relief had only lasted up to an hour. 1 year of NHS Physio didn’t help at all.

Over 10 years of SacroIliac Joint Pain:

"I just wanted to ring and say thank you so much, I know we still have a way to go but you have made a huge difference to my back already. Have been doing the SIJ exercises and it's helping no end, so thank you very much. I feel better already so I'm very excited and just wanted to thank you"  Anna Lewis, Yoga Teacher, Haslemere.

Shoulder Pain:

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks. My shoulder feels brilliant. You are a fabulous practitioner and Simon (Dr In The House) can't speak highly enough of you." Nat Nicholson, NKT Practitioner.

25 years of Neck & Shoulder Pain & Restricted Movement:

"Thank you Garry, I had a solid nights sleep last night, the first in a long time and woke feeling strangely grounded. I have more movement and less pain/discomfort in my neck and shoulder than I have had for a very long time. The shoulder and particularly my neck feel considerably different/better today. All very positive."  Cheryl Newton, Sandbanks.

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